Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop Looking For Sign Websites! You Have Found The Hands Down Best And Cheapest Site For All Of Your Banner Sign And Advertising Needs!!

Hi, my name is Matt Harmon and I have been buying and using yard and banner signs to promote my real estate business for years. I tried everyone out there, had a ton of headaches, frustrations, and crappy signs that once I found the perfect sign site I figure I should write about it.
I flip houses for a living and using yard and banner signs is the number one way I find those really good deals. It works so well that I'm thinking of canceling all of my other advertising avenues and spending all of my advertising budget on yard signs. I'll give you all the details and my experiences on www.SuperCheapSigns.com below but if you don't really care what I think and you just want to check them out for yourself just click on the banner below and I will guarantee your experience will be very pleasant and exactly what your looking for.

So I wanted to flip houses because I had a lot of talent for fixing things up and I know how to do everything that is required to fix a home. The skill set required for taking a home from looking like a dump to something beautiful that someone wants to raise their family in was there but the knowledge on how to find said dumpy houses was not.

I hunted and hunted for days, weeks, even months for that perfect house. I found tons of houses but for whatever reasons the numbers didn't work out. The reason wasthe houses I was finding were the leftovers of all the other house flippers out there. I realized that I needed to do something different. Something no one else was doing. Something that got me noticed.
One day I was driving down the road and I saw a sign that said "We Buy Houses". Very plain, hand written and hard to read. I thought "hey, I can do better than that and I wonder if it will really work?"

I Tried Buying Yard & Banner Signs Locally and WOW Are They Expensive!
At the time I needed to make a change and make it fast. I was so tired of hunting I thought there had to be a better way. I went to my local sign shop to get some signs and I couldn't believe how expensive they were. They wanted $5 a sign! Both places I tried said this was something they just don't do very often.

I went ahead and bought 25 signs to get me started. $125 just for 25 signs. I couldn't believe it. Oh, and another $50 for the 25 stakes. So I put them out at the busiest locations and would you know it my phone started to ring.

I only had a few calls but I thought "Hey, That's Progress!" If I could only get hundreds and hundreds of signs out there what kind of success could I have...

Then I Turned To The Internet With Limited Success.
After 30 days of having my measly 25 signs out there I had received 25 phone calls with people trying to sell their homes. Out of that I had one good lead. Hey better than nothing. I needed more yard and banners signs and I need them fast and for a whole lot less than what I was paying. I'm an internet guy but I kept thinking there is no way that buying signs online would be affordable after the shipping. I was wrong. They are very affordable but most of the website get you in some other way.
I tried five different sites with limited success. Some sites had good prices on the signs but when you went to buy the stakes they were crazy expensive. Some sites had good prices but when I got the signs they looked horrible. I thought I had found a good one, affordable, fast, cool designs but when it rained all of the ink started to run on the signs. 

Eventually, I found something that worked.
Having spent so much time, money and energy desperately trying to succeed with yard signs to find those great deals I finally clicked on SuperCheapSigns.com. Wow! All of the prices were extremely competitive, their design tool was awesome and I loved everything I saw on the site. So I bought 200 yard signs for a great price and waited to see what they looked like. They showed up about a week after my order was place and they looked perfect. The stakes came with the order, the signs looked great and I was extremely happy.